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About Arrow Auto Sales

Our commitment to all our customers is: 100% satisfaction with the vehicle, price and extensive service that goes into each vehicle we offer for sale. We made a decision to offer Subaru"s as our primary vehicles for selling as it is New Englands choice for AWD cars. With our decision to inventory Subarus also was our commitment to fully service all vehicles we sell including, Head Gaskets, Timing Belts, Water pumps, cam seals, valve cover gaskets etc,,,,, to assure your ownership is problem free and your experiance is positive. As no one can forsee the future, we do all we can to anticipate future concerns and address them up front. Our results in acheiving our goals are the 40 plus 5 star reviews, which I urge you to read, and counting, shows we are clearly on the pathway to fullfilling our very important goal of 100% customer satisfaction. All our vehicles, fully serviced, are still below NADA market value which again, translates to a vehicle value having equity up front. A winning formular with any purchase. Arrow Auto Sales has built our good name on these very basic principles and will continue to strive at being the very best in our market.

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